Gina Geremia


“As your coach, I provide the structure for self-exploration and discovery important for navigating through and adapting to change, developing deeper connections and remaining focused on personal growth.”


Navigation & Change Coach

Deeply connected to the earth and nature’s forces, I was taught to appreciate, observe, learn from and adapt to nature and the changes that inevitably came. It was this relationship to the natural world that instigated a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery of how human behavior is connected to nature’s networks and how I could join these forces to navigate the constructs of modern society – by remaining aware, observant, open and adaptable to its rapid changes and fostering a mindset of natural stewardship.

As an adult, my life has been spent observing the patterns of nature and human behavior and the benefits and lessons nature connectedness offers. I believe the process for developing strategies for adapting to change is linked to fostering a deeper connection with nature. 

My mission? To help humans connect to and collaborate with the natural world in a way that inspires self-discovery and exploration leading them to identify flexible, sustainable strategies of navigating through, adapting to, and remaining resilient with life’s changes.

My unique blend of education, training, personal and professional experience has supported my passion for living in and with the natural world and driven my quest for providing clearer and more tangible learning methods for overcoming our unique challenges, adapting to life transitions and even becoming change seekers. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Castleton University in Vermont, graduate coursework in Botany from Ohio University. I also am an NLP Practitioner, a Qualified Personal Performance coach, a level 2 certified DISC administer and interpreter, trained natural navigator and trained in Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing). I have spent decades of service connecting to diverse populations, social systems, businesses, and human and wild communities and am dedicated to helping individuals achieve outstanding results, fostering a diverse, equitable world and living a life of natural stewardship.

The benefits of coaching are astounding and include an increase in creative thinking,  problem solving and self-esteem. Those who receive coaching develop focus, confidence, overcome anxiety, gain clarity, achieve goals and reach dreams.

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