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 Coaching for Results

 Coaching through Change

Embrace the nature of change to shape your future.  Life changes can leave us feeling beat up, bruised and confused – and we don’t have to stay that way. Moving through these changes is essential for survival and to get you to a place where you can thrive. If you’re struggling with the stress and anxiety that comes with moving, career, age, weight, menopause, relationships, etc, it’s time to break free.

Coaching with Nature

Embrace the sensations of nature and the glory of the outdoor world to shape your future. The natural world inspires creativity, enhances awareness and teaches us how to survive. Experience the restorative benefits of nature as you’re guided through walk & talk sessions. No adventure is too small. A walk on the beach or woodland path or sitting on a park bench may be all it takes to unearth endless ideas.

Coaching for Relationships

Embrace the nature of communication as you shape your relationships. Quality communication is essential to productive relationships. By understanding the differences between you and others, opportunities to dissolve barriers are at your fingertips. Learn how to modify your language and behavior and adapt to different personality styles and watch successful relationships take shape.

Coaching among

Embrace your natural strengths and resources as you shape your team. Teamwork is essential to all productive relationships – personal or professional. The DISC behavior assessment system is used to improve communication and enhance relationships, strengthening teams of all shapes and sizes. Businesses use it to increase employee effectiveness and improve productivity. Ask me how you can benefit from DISC.

“Gina has been a fantastic coach, patient, a great listener and an insightful questioner. I have grown in confidence in starting my own business and aligned my priorities, gotten several projects off the ground and realised my potential. I have also been able to manage a very challenging work transition, all the while managing to keep my own side business successfully running.

Gina has also given me tools to realise my own strengths, which has helped deal with weaknesses, develop strengths and set projects in motion in a more systematic and productive manner. Her use of pragmatic and effective tools has made a huge difference.”

– Kevin C.

Coaching with Gina has been an absolutely wonderful experience. From the get-go, Gina made me feel comfortable and able to discuss every aspect of my life without judgement. We covered so much ground over the sessions, my health and fitness, spirituality and mindset, and even my time management. Without Gina I’d likely still be burnt out and feeling guilty for resting, now I know it’s okay for me to relax and that I need to do things at my own pace, not anyone else’s.

Gina, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, patience and encouragement!”

– Rosie N.

“I approached Gina for coaching support in the areas of business development, networking and work-life balance. She helped me work out what was important in key areas of my life so that I could prioritise and move forward in all of them. Gina is friendly, approachable and was genuinely interested in helping me achieve my goals. She is a great listener and helped me build confidence so that I had no doubts I could achieve anything. I recommend Gina as a coach and it was fantastic working with her!”

– Rachel M.

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