Coaching Programs

Whether it’s working through a life change, seeking connection to the natural world or searching for ways to enhance your professional or personal relationships, these coaching programs give you the opportunity to identify ways of achieving this. 

coaching through change

“Change is Nature’s Delight.”

— Marcus Aurelius

this program is helpful for

Developing techniques for moving through your change effectively and gracefully. Gain clarity, focus, confidence and motivation with these coaching programs.

Relocation: Expat Syndrome, Culture Shock, Social Integration.

Career: Burnout, Redundancy, Job Search, Career Change, Develop Skills.

Age: Empty Nest Syndrome, Retirement Blues, Quality of Life, Independence.

Weight Loss/Gain: Habits, Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Confidence, Focus.

Menopause: Anxiety, Irritability, Confusion, Concentration, Physical Symptoms, Menopause & Your Job, Group Support. See the More Than Manage Your Menopause page for more!

  • 90-Minute Power Session: £175
  • Block of 3 Sessions: £330
  • Block of 6 Sessions: £570
  • Block of 9 Sessions: £765

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thriving in a time of transition

Emotional responses to change can be similar even when they come from very different places. Anxiety, grief, low self-esteem and irritability generate similar physiological symptoms as a result of many different changes we face. They can be signs of confusion, overwhelm, lack of or misguided focus, insecurity, low confidence or lack of inspiration or motivation. 

And yet, change is inevitable. Whether we choose it or it happens to us, it’s not always as rosy as we’d like and sometimes it leaves us feeling downright raw. So invited or not, getting through it is essential. 

The best thing you can do is learn to adapt. The best thing that can happen is that you delight in the beautiful new you that emerges!

If you’re seeking help for any stage of menopause, please see the More Than Manage Your Menopause page, a special one-to-one coaching program to help you identify your wellness goals and develop a wellbeing plan to address your unique set of symptoms and circumstances. More than just manage your menopause – free your body and mind!

Adjust 4

Make simple adjustments for goals.

  • Complementary Informative Call
  • 1 Intake Coaching Session
  • 3 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Development Activities
  • 6-week Programme

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Adapt 7

Adapt to the changes affecting your daily life.

  • Complementary Informative Call
  • 1 Intake Coaching Session
  • 6 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Development Activities
  • Email Support
  • 3-Month Programme

Only  £95 per session! 

Adopt 10

Free Gift!

Adopt a new mindset and achieve outstanding results!

  • Complementary Informative Call
  • 1 Intake Coaching Session
  • 9 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Development Activities
  • Email Support
  • Complementary Personal Journal
  • 4-6-Month Programme – You Decide!

Valued at £1,100

ONLY £765!

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coaching with Nature

Let your confident, alert and resilient self emerge and take center stage!

Deepening our connections through the natural world

Experiencing the natural world enhances our awareness, providing clarity of mind. It inspires us to be creative, teaches us how to survive and leads us to understand our own nature. Its calming influence on our bodies and minds makes it conducive to long-term planning and goal setting. When we are calm, we allow ourselves the time and space to think through our goals and develop strategies to achieve them. 

In this program, we will utilize everything from flora and fauna to landscape and weather. Weaving elements of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing), ecopsychology, navigational techniques and stewardship into this unique coaching program, you will deepen your connection to yourself and others  and establish new patterns of behavior that are most resourceful for you.

Working together in this way gives you the time and space to establish new connections to your existing ecology leading you to develop strategies to overcome the problems unique to you, adapt to change and remain resilient through change.

how this program can help

Feeling Disconnected: To yourself and others.

Difficulty Engaging: At home, work or socially.

Needing Perspective: For a current situation, making decisions, to find answers, for future planning.

Relationship Struggles: With family, partners, friends and colleagues.

Stress & Anxiety: In life, at work, socially.

Adapting to Change: Working together with the coaching through change program.

Coaching in nature can be as gentle as you like and can even be done virtually for those unable to get outdoors. A simple walk on a beach, woodland path or sitting on a park bench may be all it takes to find clarity and decide your next steps.

Coaching with nature programs can easily be adopted into any of the other coaching programs. Just  ask!

Coaching With Nature

Longer  Sessions &
Extra Support!

Develop strategies to overcome the problems unique to you, adapt to change and remain resilient through change.

  • 7 Sessions + Free Informative Call!
  • Longer Sessions for Maximum Benefit
  • Complementary Personal Journal!
  • Free Navigation Tools & Activities
  • Extra support throughout program!

This eight-week program is designed to reconnect you to your natural self and structured to maximize the benefits of our time together by alternating longer outdoor sessions with indoor sessions. This fosters optimal self-exploration and discovery and helps you adopt your observations into your own ecology for inspired results.

Free Consultation!

Teaming with Nature

Call for details!

No office distractions for better communication!

    • Remove office distractions 
  • Improve relationships within team
  • Manage people in any environment
  • Learn your team’s language
  • Adapt to other work styles
  • Enhance communication
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Help ease climate change! 

Let’s talk today about building a package suitable for your business and team!

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Outdoor Coaching

Ask About
Price Breaks!

Traditional life coaching in the outdoors!

  • Price Breaks for Multiple Sessions!
  • Complementary Informative Call
  • Personal Development Activities
  • Experience Tailored for You!

Removes you from the distractions or chaos of your typical environment giving you the chance to approach each session with focus to get the most out of this time.

DISC Personality Profile

‘To know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves.’ -Socrates

This comprehensive 15-page report provides you with an understanding of your natural preferences and traits. You will deepen your understanding of yourself, how you respond to conflict, your motivations and triggers for stress. Gain insight into how to improve communication for enhanced business and personal relationships, improve personal, professional or academic performance and establish resourceful patterns of behaviour for maximum impact.

Report comes with Personality Assessment, Communication Tips and Action Plan: £265

coaching for successful relationships and powerful teams

“The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.”

— Henry David Thoreau

benefits of these coaching programs

  • Improve relationships
  • Understand behavioral differences between you and others
  • Adapt to different personality styles
  • Understand how you prefer to process information
  • Modify your language and behavior for improved communication
  • Get others to respond better to you
  • Know your optimum work pace
  • Understand how you approach tasks and challenges
  • Manage people in any environment
  • Maximize efficiency & productivity



packages & pricing

Coaching programs for successful relationships and powerful teams are designed around your personal circumstances that will be assessed during our initial call. 

Please contact me for more information.

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successful relationships

Working together for the success of your relationships means opening yourself up, recognizing what is working and a having the willingness to change what isn’t. 

When you understand your own personality preference, and that of your partner’s, you can use this knowledge to improve communication and learn how to work well with one another.

Through a blend of coaching techniques, a willingness to learn and with the aid of the DISC personality preference tool, you can enhance your personal relationships and establish new ones with the same foundation of effective communication, understanding and acceptance.

This program will be designed around you, your relationship and unique situation.

Contact me for more details on how to design bespoke coaching programs for successful relationships.


powerful teams

Your team needs you. As their leader they rely on you to communicate your vision, and trust you are leading them in the right direction. But you can’t do this on your own. You are only as good as the weakest link. Could that be you?

Working together with your team to improve workplace systems, procedures, communication and collaboration means driving the business forward efficiently and effectively, and considering the support, development and resources your team needs to be their best.

Build the strength of your team from the inside by embracing the different work styles and unique personalities, and celebrate these differences. You have the force. They have the talent. Put it together to make it happen.

DISC personality profile assessments are well-known to transform professional relationships. They are widely used to identify top performers, increase team performance, understand management styles and enhance communication within teams and organizations.

This program will be designed for you, your team and your unique situation.

Contact me to discover how we can design effective coaching programs for you and your team.