strengthening Connections

Workshops and groups help you connect with others, enjoy nature and let things be easy, even if just for a couple of hours, and learn something new. The monthly walks and book club give us a bit of time to decompress from our hectic lives, immerse ourselves in the now, get to know like-minded people and help each other along the way. 

Free Events

Trail Walks & Talks Group

Those who are familiar with me know me to be an avid explorer of nature and lover of wildlife (hares in particular; I earned my beloved nickname, Hare Girl for my explosive outbursts of delight whenever I see one). Our Group Walks are blended with a bit of guided conversation that  weave topics like natural navigation, forest bathing and self development as easily as we weave through the various landscapes from town to country lane, farmland to woodland.

Important Notes

  • Departure times are prompt so you are encouraged to arrive a little early to ensure we don’t leave without you!
  • Always be prepared for inclement weather. This is your responsibility.
  • Wear appropriate shoes. This is your responsibility.
  • Please be prepared with water or snacks. These will not be provided. 
  • Strict ‘Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out’ rule. 
  • Public toilets are not likely to be available on walks.
  • COVID-19 rules are strictly complied with. Remain two metres apart at all times, and bring a face mask and hand gel.  
  • Walks are between 2-3 hours. If you need more information, email me.

2022 walks are being designated now. Email for more information.

Book Club

Our Book Club reading list is chock full of  exceptional reading material. Join me to discuss the latest book, bring a friend and enjoy a bit of chatter!

Book Club meets the third Thursday of each month at 19:30 GMT for 1-2 hours via Zoom. 

All you need is the book (bought or borrowed) and a way to join us virtually. Can’t find the book? Libraries are free, so ask your local library if they can order it for you. And if you don’t get a chance to read it, you’re still invited to simply enjoy our company! It’s likely you’ll be inspired, share some insight and have a great time.

2022 Books & Dates to be announced soon. Email for more information.

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Workshops offer a more in-depth look at how we can adapt to life’s transitions and even become change seekers ourselves. 


Superpowers. What are they and how can I get one?


Do you ever wonder how some seem to breeze through a situation easily without ever appearing to be stressed, confused or even annoyed? How do they do this? What superpower do they possess that enables them to tackle those situations like a pro?

2022 dates and locations to be announced soon. Email for more information.

We’ll uncover the secrets of human superpowers, identify our own and learn how to use them. Participation is necessary so please be prepared to share and engage with others.

To sign up, click the button and complete the form indicating the dates and place.

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Personal Desire Paths: When to follow and when to ditch.


Desire paths are the paths created by humans (and wildlife) that defy strategically planned walkways. They are typically created to make a journey quicker or easier. Just like with public parks, gardens and wild settings, desire paths exist within our minds.  Plans we started yet abandoned, ideas we have and use occasionally, thoughts that continuously enter our minds are all desire paths. And then there are those desire paths that settle. Instead of working within the boundaries someone else set, we find a way to make it easier, quicker or work better for us and our personal circumstances.

We will learn more about natural and personal desire paths and hopefully answer a few questions like: What are the desire paths that have settled within us? Why have we abandoned some and continue to revisit others? Which ones should we abandon? How can we keep on track with the desire paths that suit us best?

2022 dates and locations to be announced soon. Email for more information.

To sign up, click the button and complete the form indicating the dates and place.

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